Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back to Skakavac Waterfall

This weekend the weather was wonderful. Blue skies and temperatures in the low 60's. Still, yesterday I took the kids and friends up to Bjelašnica skiing and snowboarding. They say it was getting a bit slushy when we left a little after 1:00. Today I walked up to Skakavac Waterfall again. This time with a friend who is visiting. She used to babysit Carl and Shelby about 12yrs ago. She "ran" into Shelby on the internet, Facebook I think it was. When she found out we were here, and she was relatively nearby (Germany) on an exchange program, she decided to come down for a visit during school break. So we've all been having a good time the past week or so.

I'm relearning, and learning some new stuff with my new lens as is evident in the first photo below. I've already taken my share of boring wide shots, and am trying to deal with how the light can change drastically across the frame, especially at 16mm focal length. This first photo was taken from the trail head back towards town with the snowy mountains near Bjelašnica in the far distance. It is just a quick 3 minute mock-up in photoshop, because I had to do the sky and distant mountains on a vastly different curves layer than the foreground and closer in hills. The second two photos were taken with my 70-200mm at the base of the falls near where I took the photos in last summer's Skakavac blog entry. The veil of ice up the cliff was impressive. The bridge in front of the falls was buried in ice and the railing crushed. Chunks twice the size of basketballs occasionally fell down while we were looking and taking photos...we were pretty careful to stay out of range.

End of the Road, Looking Back - Skakavac

Ice and Mist - Skakavac Waterfall, Sarajevo BiH

Ice, Mist & Moss - Skakavac Waterfall, Sarajevo BiH

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