Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Field of Dreams

My wife gave me a new lens, a combination Valentine's and birthday present. It's a Canon 16-35 2.8L II. My first ultra-wide in a will force me back to good composition or I'll bore you all ("all" is being used loosely here) with "grand vistas" that aren't so grand. Here's one of the first few photos I took with it tonight walking home from Shelby's basketball practice...16mm, f/4 1/4 sec at ISO 3200 hand held.

Walking up Koševo street from Veliki Park, Sarajevo center, you pass four cemeteries on your way to the Zetra sports complex. First on the west side of the street is the Catholic cemetery, then after Ciglane market, also on the west side is the Orthodox cemetery and adjoining it, the Muslim Cemetery - Koševo Šehidsko Mezarje. As you get to Zetra, the east side of the street has hill with the Koševo cemetery and its lion. From what I can tell, the Catholic and Orthodox cemeteries have graves dating back to about 1900, but they quickly filled up with victims of the war and siege in the mid-90's and so a bigger cemetery was built further out. Some day I'll get some photos of it. Anyway, this photo is of the Muslim Cemetery, Šehidsko Mezarje and the great majority of the graves there are casualties of the many dreams died in this war...we'll never know.

Field of Dreams - Koševo Šehidsko Mezarje, Sarajevo

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