Sunday, July 15, 2007

Skakavac Waterfall

Although I'm behind on my photos, running into serious space problems on my computer, today was just too nice to sit around....I took an afternoon walk up to Skakavac waterfall, at roughly 98 meters, the highest in Bosnia. It was a beautiful walk, a large variety of wildflowers and a neat, misty waterfall at the end. Here are two shots of the mist at the bottom.

Moss and Mist - Skakavac Waterfall, Sarajevo BiH

Add a Boulder or Two


Teri said...

These photos have a very painterly quality to them- did you touch then up in Photoshop at all? - that's not a criticism. I thoroughly enjoy them. The mist creates an ambiance that seems otherworldly. What a blessing it must have been to see this in person.
It's a small world, or should I say, the internet makes a large world seems smaller. To see a photo taken by a old friend, from halfway around the world, in a different time and life.
Great photos- keep up the good "work".

Jeff said...

Teri, thanks for taking the time to look and I'm glad you like the photos. The "painterly" quality is primarily the mist/waterfall combined with the long exposures (1/6 sec and 2 secs respectively). The colors come complements of nature, a polarizing filter, and finally Photoshop for a levels and a curves adjustment...the total is pretty much what I would expect if I'd shot Velvia slide film. Don't worry, I don't take "photoshop" comments as criticism. Usually such comments are just curiosity and occasionally lack of understanding. I'm upfront in my blog when I use an "inordinate" amount of photoshop, such as