Sunday, April 20, 2014

Port Meadow

Saturday, I took a late afternoon walk down the canal to Port Meadow. The cows and horses were furiously eating their dinner of green grass. There weren't many people around, and the side of the meadow up against the River Thames is no longer flooded. All in all, a lot different than a couple months back.

Cows Have Dinner - Port Meadow, Oxford

Path Along the Thames - Port Meadow, Oxford

Bossoms Marina- Port Meadow, Oxford


TeamDandy said...

Does the canal flood regularly/annually or was it just an odd occurrence of extra rain or something?

I take photos. said...

By some accounts, it is the worst flooding since 1776, although apparently 2007 was really bad in some parts of the U.K. From what I saw, the canal itself never really flooded, just the rivers that it gets its water from, the Thames and the Cherwell. There is a timeline of the Oxfordshire floods here: It started a day or two before Christmas and didn't subside until mid February.