Sunday, February 16, 2014

On My Walk Today

I usually don't post this many photos at one time, but hey it was sunny out! and this is also a good example of the variety of subjects that catch my attention as I walk along.

Today I headed down the canal toward town. It has been a while since I've walked it because the first part is muddy and the weather has been uncooperative in general (or I haven't been here). I detoured off to St Sepulchre's Cemetery in hopes of catching some nice early spring flowers. After that, I wandered across the bridge the other way to Port Meadow, I'd never really checked it out before but a lot of people were heading that way in the sunshine. The Thames is on the other side of the meadow and is flooding along there too. (canal & railroad tracks on east, Thames on the west side). I chatted (in person:) with a couple other photographers along the way. After that, I finished the canal path to town and turned around and headed home.

This caught my attention because of the light and the way it hit the plant...all nice and green and it is still February!

Bridge 242 - Oxford Canal, Oxford

This caught my attention because of the again because of the light, on some stones while not others. The light will change as the year progresses, the angle of the sun changes and the leaves come out on the trees.

Edward & William Charles - St Sepulchre's Cemetery, Oxford

I went to the cemetery looking for these...I couldn't compose a good interesting photo with a lot of them around a headstone though...

Crocus! - St Sepulchre's Cemetery, Oxford

Trying to get the feel of the meadow and the water...

Meadow or Swamp? - Port Meadow, Oxford

Unlike the canal tow path, much of the path along the Thames River was well underwater.

Bench Along the Tow Path - Port Meadow, Oxford

This one definitely showed an interest in standing still for photos. I was at least the third person to come along and take some portraits, probably the only one that went for the eye though.

Horses - Port Meadow, Oxford

Old boats. Sort of a cliche. Technically this was on the Castle Mill Stream, where only a few meters separate the canal from the mill stream. The boat has a big crack in along the side, but a new rope.

Boat - Oxford Canal, Oxford

Crocuses near one of the permanently moored canal boats near the canal terminus.

Croci! - Oxford Canal, Oxford

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