Saturday, November 16, 2013


A couple of weeks ago we went out for our first day trip. Elesa had picked Salisbury. Salisbury is a fairly compact town so we figured it wouldn't be too much walking, in what we anticipated would be rain.

After making use of the Park & ride (I'm a fan!), we walked through the market, bought some berries much cheaper than here in Oxford. Then we spent time in the Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund, which has a unique wooden roof with interesting carvings and also some neat paintings. Next we went to the cathedral which I really liked. I took a lot of photos there. The added benefits of visiting Salisbury were the nearby ruins of Old Sarum, the original settlement. We stopped there for an hour or so. Then in the late afternoon on the way home, we did a drive-by of Stonehenge, which is just a few miles away and easily seen from the road.

If you want to see all 56 of the photos that made the cut. I put a totally, as yet unannotated, slide show of them on photobucket, HERE.

Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund

And Then There Was One - Salisbury Cathedral

Water Downspout- Salisbury Cathedral

Angel Plays Harp - Salisbury Cathedral

Columns - Salisbury Cathedral

Ruins of the Original Cathedral - Old Sarum

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