Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alifakovac Cemetery

This evening I walked up to the Alifakovac Muslim Cemetery. It sits on the hill on the eastern end of Sarajevo, the south side of the Miljacka river...across the river from Vratnik, a frequent location for photos I've posted. I shot another 70 or so photos that you are unlikely to see anytime soon...

What made this cemetery interesting to me is the variety of the stones. The modern stones (1992 - present) here are a wide variety, far beyond the identical white obelisks lined up in most of the other recent Muslim cemeteries such as Koševo, Srebrenica and Kovači. Another interesting thing is that the old tombstones, from the Ottoman era, are sort of scattered here and there in the midst of the modern one case even sort of poking out of a recent grave site. Many of other modern cemeteries, such as Kovači, have the Ottoman era graves more grouped together.

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