Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Cemetery Photos

The first photo is one I promised earlier. A Muslim "new" cemetery from the mid-90's siege of Sarajevo. All the obelisks neatly in rows, with dates primarily from '92-95. In some cases, what are entire families, three generations worth right in a neat row. I'm really not sure where to "go" with this photo, but in this iteration, I "blew out" the white on one side of the obelisk to empathize the angles. To see the details in the marble on the side of the obelisk facing the camera, you need to click and view the larger iimage.

This second one is from Veliki Park, and literally right outside our door. It is an HDR image, but again I've purposely blown the whites of the obelisk gravestones from the war in the background. Compositionally, my idea is to draw the eye from the old to the new...

This is a different angle, time of day etc. but many of the same gravestones as this earlier photo.

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