Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vratnik Window

Vratnik is the section of the old town of Sarajevo that sits up on the hill guarding the river and the valley pass to the east toward Pale. In the olden olden days, it was a fortified and walled section of the city. Some of those fortifications remain and some such as the White Bastion (Bijela Tabija) have recently been restored.

It is one of my favorite places to walk with visitors, and today was no different. We walked up from Pigeon Square past the Šehidsko Mezarje Kovači (Martyr's Memorial Cemetery Kovači) to the Žuta Tabija. Then we continued up through Vratnik on up to the Bijela Tabija for the view. As we walked back through Vratnik and just before passing Kula Širokac (Širokac Tower) I took this photo.

Window - Vratnik, Sarajevo

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