Sunday, March 09, 2008

Žuta Tabija, Fun with the Channel Mixer

This is a photo from a couple weeks ago. I was reading through the PhotoNet forums this morning and one member replied to a question with a quick off-handed one liner about settings using the Photoshop CS2 "Channel mixer". It got me to thinking about these photos again. I haven't spent any time doing the specific editing or masking....the high contrast version would especially benefit. These were produced with just the channel mixer (and a "levels" adjustment in the case of the high contrast version). So here are the results of my "play" today. In a couple cases, its hard to believe it all comes from the same photograph.

Trees on Žuta Tabija (Yellow Bastion) - Sarajevo BiH

Original Color Version

Black and White Version

A Moody Version

A False Infrared Version

A High Contrast, Sketchy Version

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