Saturday, January 20, 2007


If you've looked through the photos in my blog, it is probably obvious that cemeteries are my favorite or at least most consistent photographic subject. Cemeteries say something about the respective culture of the area of the world and the people buried there...what it is they say or what it means I'm not sure...but the brightly colored above ground crypts in Guatemala's central highlands tell a totally different story than the neat rows of white obelisks in the modern Muslim cemeteries of Sarajevo. Here are a few photos of a Muslim cemetery outside of Baku.

The cemetery is in a pretty stark, basically desert environment and the sunlight when I was there was a bit harsh too. However, the headstones and graves were incredible in their variety. I'll post some contrasting photos of the Muslim headstones from the mid 90's war here in Sarajevo later.

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Seesaw said...

These are very interesting photos. The cemeteries differ from the muslim cemeteries(old) in Sarajevo.