Sunday, September 21, 2014

St. Mary's and Radcliffe Camera

Today's walk in town included a trip up the tower at St Mary the Virgin to get a good view of Radcliffe Camera and the surrounding colleges. Today's weather was cooperative and the line wasn't very long. Once I made it up on the platform of the tower, I realized why they closely monitor and limit the number of people going up at any one time. The viewing area is a very tight squeeze on the tower itself and the last little bit of spiral stairs isn't very roomy either. Overall though, I found that I liked the view here better than the view from Carfax Tower, which is just about 2 blocks away.

Radcliffe Camera - Oxford, England

All Souls College - Oxford, England

Chimera, St Mary the Virgin - Oxford, England

Donkey, St Mary the Virgin - Oxford, England

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