Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Stroll Through Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens isn't on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but I'd heard and seen good things about it and it is convenient to Humayun's Tomb, so I stopped by and took a walk through the park after visiting the Tomb. It is a peaceful place, but it was getting pretty hot by mid-day. There really weren't all that many people around, considering how nice the park is. These are the last of the photos from my visit to India. The full set can be seen on photobucket as a slideshow HERE but at least for now the slide show has no annotations. I'm so far behind that it is unlikely it will have them anytime soon.

Bara Gumbad Tomb, Lodi Gardens - Delhi, India

Women Carrying Bundles of Sticks, Lodi Gardens - Delhi, India

Inside the Domes of the Mosque at Bara Gumbad Tomb, Lodi Gardens - Delhi, India

Sheesh Gumbad, Lodi Gardens - Delhi, India

Rubbish Bins as Art, Lodi Gardens - Delhi, India

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