Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wolvercote Cemetery

Took a walk a bit up the road to Wolvercote Cemetery this morning. I'd driven past once or twice but my curiosity was peaked a few weeks back during one of my many walks into central Oxford. On the way back from town, a young lad (as they are called here???) asked me how far it was to the cemetery and when the next bus would be coming by going that way. I didn't know the answers to his questions but it made me think: "What is it about that cemetery that a young person, obviously not from around here, would be so interested in?" You have to scroll to the last picture (or search the internet) to find out what it might have been.

While I was there this morning, I met a man that visits his wife's grave every day for 5 hrs or so and has done so for almost 5 years. We had a lengthy chat about almost everything. We covered subjects starting from the way things have changed over the past number of years to how hard it is to find decent cheese in the U.S.A. and a decent tomato in the U.K. I suspect I will chat with him again the next time I go by for some photos.

Bench - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

Angel - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

Percival Edward Hedges - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

A Safety Concern - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

Michal Matczak - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

Angel - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

Bench - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

J.R.R. Tolkien - Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford

Monday, August 19, 2013

Along The Oxford Canal, Part 1

Finally back to my real computer, but it is taking me while to get things set up and to move all the new stuff from my laptop over to the desktop. Installing Lightroom, getting the catalogs all working etc. It may be a while. In the meantime here is a photo to show I care :) I'll have a lot more from my walks along the canal as I get more settled in.

Bridge 194, Somerton Deep Lock