Friday, May 03, 2013

Battle of Cash Lake

I was back at Patuxent Research Refuge today for a little walk with my camera getting my "sanity sun". I was set up with a 70-200 2.8L on a 2x extender, with a polarizing filter and the ISO set at 800 when the "Battle of Cash Lake" broke out right in front of me. Apparently a Great Blue Heron had crossed into an Osprey's airspace and all hell broke loose. According to the time stamps on my photos, the entire battle lasted about 60 seconds. Not being the best war photographer, I didn't get the world's best shots. Between the panning and focusing, they could certainly be a bit sharper...but the photos are interesting to me.

Osprey Approaches Great Heron From Top Right

Osprey Overshoots as Heron Dodges and Weaves

Osprey Turns to Return to Perch

Osprey Landing

Osprey Back on Watch

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