Monday, February 04, 2013

Making the Cut

A few days back, Elesa talked me into doing the "photo a day" type thing at 365 Project
I've been dutifully taking and posting at least one photo everyday. You can see my daily photo HERE or via the link on the right. I worry a bit about becoming mundane, especially when we're in the midst of another move. On the other hand, it is prompting me to take photos I've thought about taking for a long time, but have been too lazy to actually get out and take.

This morning I took a few photos, the sunrise (just fortuitous), and then two traffic circles I see on my way to work, a mini version of the Kuwaiti Towers and a giant version of a brass tea pot. I've been wanting to get photos of them on a clear morning for at least a year now. The daily photo project, and my impending departure finally made me get off my duff and get the photos. The Towers made the today's cut for my photo. Here are versions of the other two. I'm on the laptop now, no color calibrated monitor and GIMP vice Photoshop. I hope the colors aren't too whacked out

Kuwaiti Sunrise

Tea Pot

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