Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Oxford Canal

The beautiful weather lent itself to walking along bits of the Oxford Canal. The narrow boats and life on the canal is fascinating to me. Maybe some day I'll walk the entire 78 or so miles it covers from Oxford to Coventry, or take a canal cruise. There is heaps of information out there about the canal, currently it seems to be in a period of renaissance.
Are but a few.

Below is a small sampling of the photos I took. Eventually my entire set of photos from England will make it to a slide show linked on the right side of the blog.

Bridge 183, Oxford Canal - North of Aynho, England

The Tow Path, Oxford Canal - Banbury, England

New Laid Eggs, Oxford Canal - Banbury, England

Dog Guides His Boat, Castle Quay Drawbridge 164, Oxford Canal - Banbury, England

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