Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Car"cass II - The Cremation

I saw this carcass today in a parking lot off Gulf Road near the Kuwait Towers. I'm thinking it was probably there for a couple days, the smell wasn't so bad.

Carcass II - Kuwait
Photo From The "Good Side"

Carcass II - Kuwait
The Not So Good Side

Carcass II - Kuwait
With No Make-Up

Carcass II - Kuwait
Face It, You're a Wreck

Iconic Kuwait

When you see images of Kuwait, the Kuwait Towers are almost always included. They are only about 5 miles down the road from us but we took a little time and went up there today. Otherwise we'd probably "get to it someday" and still never have been when it is time to leave for good. It cost 2KD (about $7.20) to take an elevator to the top ball of the tower with two balls. The lower ball houses a restaurant and cafe, the upper ball houses a 2-level viewing platform and a gift and snack shop. The windows weren't very clean, but with the dust the way it is around here, I didn't find that very surprising.

Kuwait Towers - Kuwait City

Kuwait Towers - Kuwait City

Kuwait Towers - Kuwait City

Kuwait Towers - Kuwait City

Water Park @ Kuwait Towers - Kuwait City

You Can See! - Kuwait City

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Few More

These photos are from my visit to the Jewish Cemetery just before I left in 2009. I didn't have my computer at the time so at first I didn't post photos, but later I tried using what I had to work with on a laptop.

Jewish Cemetery - Sarajevo

Jewish Cemetery - Sarajevo

Jewish Cemetery - Sarajevo

Jewish Cemetery - Sarajevo

Jewish Cemetery, Sarajevo

Jevrejsko Groblje u Sarajevu

I don't know what made me think of these photos today...these were taken during our visit with Shelby in May.

According to the sign, the Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo is the second largest in Europe. Only the Jewish Cemetery in Prague is larger. The Sarajevo cemetery dates to 1630. It was home to snipers preying on the residents of Sarajevo during the siege in the 1990's and was heavily mined. The cemetery is de-mined now, but much of it remains overgrown. Many of the headstones exhibit the wear and tear only a bullet can provide.

Headstone- Jewish Cemetery, Sarajevo

Overlooking Sarajevo- Jewish Cemetery

Birch Tree - Jewish Cemetery, Sarajevo

Restored Headstones- Jewish Cemetery, Sarajevo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The wrecks around here are impressive in their destructive power. Friday and Saturday mornings especially, you can see "carcasses" as I call them, on the sides of the highways. Remnants of the high-speed shenanigans gone wrong the night before. I decided that I would take on the making of documentary photos of the destroyed autos as one of my projects while I'm here.

My first "car"cass shot is from an accident a hundred yards or so up the street from our apartment.

Toyota Corolla, RIP - Kuwait

Friday, July 22, 2011

Behind McDonalds

I took this photo back in March....we haven't seen many, if any, days as dust free since was probably the closest. This sculpture, or whatever it is, is behind the McDonalds on Arabian Gulf Rd. I'm hoping to soon get and post a photo that is more typical of this time of year. The afternoon sun low in the sky with the dust and haze and the city sky line...

Doves - Kuwait

Saturday, July 16, 2011

English Muffins

One thing you can't get here, but would be legal if you could (unlike alcohol, and pork) is English muffins. We've had family successfully mail us some packages during the cooler portion of the year, but the packages certainly wouldn't survive the current temperatures. So a few weeks back I started looking into making my own and found a promising recipe at (I highly recommend the site, anything with 4+ stars has been very good)

Yesterday I tried the recipe out for Elesa's discriminating English muffin palate. She liked them...they aren't perfect, some don't seem to have the bigger "nooks & crannies". I'm sure that most of that is due to technique, which I'm hoping will get better with practice.

Homemade English Muffins

The Bench

Near the top of our apartment building's stairwell is a bench...maybe as a resting place for those of us that do the stairs for exercise?

The Bench