Monday, February 21, 2011

An Evening in the Desert

We spent an evening out in the desert a couple nights ago with a group of new friends. Here are some of photos...I'll be anxious to see what they really look like when my good computer gets here. These are the jpegs out of the camera with some editing on my laptop via GIMP, the open source image editing is to Adobe's Photoshop(CS5) what OpenOffice is to MicroSoft's Office Suite. It is the first time I've used GIMP (just downloaded it last night) and the laptop screen isn't what I'd call photo-editing friendly for color, contrast etc.

Desert Ridge and Four-Wheeler Tracks - Kuwait

Shadows in the Sand - Kuwait

Looking Toward the City - Kuwait

Hang Gliding at Dusk - Kuwait

Desert Ridge at Dusk - Kuwait

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