Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Eagle

My sister has been telling me for at least 5 yrs that she frequently sees a bald eagle not far from her (and consequently, my) house, along SR126 in Indian Hill's (they limit access to residents) Grand Valley Preserve at Camp Dennison. But she's never gotten a photo. Her husband saw the eagle for the first time about a week ago and snapped a photo with his cell phone. Today she saw it on her way home from work, so she rushed the rest of the way home, got her new camera and me and we went out to take a look.

There were a number of other observers. A few of which are avid birders, and one of those is seriously into bird photography and has photographed the eagle a number of times. He is on flickr HERE. And a collection of the photos he's taken at the Preserve are HERE. The photos include a series of shots as one of the bald eagles swooped down and grabbed a duck "for lunch" as well as this SHOT as the eagle flew straight at him. His shots are accomplished with skill, patience and persistence I probably don't have...nor do I have (but I may some day :) the 500 mm lens and 1.4X Extender he was using.

Bald Eagle - Camp Dennison, OH

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