Thursday, November 12, 2009

Theoretically ...

my "stuff" should be here soon (no precise definition of "soon"). "Stuff" includes my new computer with dual 21.5" widescreen monitors, my guitar (I'm terrible, but plan to take the opportunity to get better). Once it gets here, I'll post photos every few days.

In the meantime, Elesa and Carl sent me a cheap phone and a MagicJack which I've plugged into the old laptop I have with me. So now I have a Cincinnati phone number and can receive and make calls. So far, I'd say MagicJack is pretty cool. It is even cheaper (~$40 for the first year, ~$20 per year after that) than, which we have used (and continue to use) for our "home" phone for almost 6 years. If anyone is interested in the technical and practical differences between the two (and other VoIP providers) post a comment and I can go into the various advantages/disadvantages between the services (including the phone "bundled" with your internet provider", skype etc)

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