Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I Learned Today

Yes, you can eat too many fresh blackberries (at least I can).

Today I finally walked to the huge cemetery, Sarajevsko Groblje Bare which I have photographed from a distance a number of times, including here. I learned it is the main city cemetery (Gradsko Groblje) and that there are very few victims from the war buried there (and so corrected my earlier blog post here). I walked through a huge chunk of the cemetery and it almost seemed as if people didn't die 1993-1995.

The cemetery is laid out in sections which vary in size and shape. But just to get an idea of the relative prominence of the various religions here goes. There is a section for Jews, a very small section each for Evangelicals and Adventists, 20 sections for Atheists, 14 sections for Catholic (plus a small one for "Old Catholic" (Staro-katolici) whatever that means), 26 sections for Muslim and 16 Orthodox sections.

I miss my Photoshop, but in the meantime here are a few of today's photos. I takes me 3x as long and the results are 10x worse using the laptop, the touchpad and the Photo Gallery/Paint combination.

Map of the Sections of Bare Cemetery - Sarajevo

Reflection in the Windows of the Meditation Building - Gradsko Groblje, Sarajevo

Groblje Bare - Sarajevo

Groblje Bare - Sarajevo

Groblje Bare - Sarajevo

Haystacks - Groblje Bare, Sarajevo

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