Saturday, May 02, 2009


While we were in Montenegro, we took a drive around the Bay of Kotor, with a bit of a stop at the old town of Kotor itself (more on that later). Near Kotor is a small town called Perast. Just off the shore a bit in the bay stands two islands, one, Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela), is man made. The Abbey of St George has trees and such...each island is very different looking despite being only meters apart..

This first photo is an illustration of my lack of patience, It is a stitch of 7 photos to make the panoramic. The final stitch is probably over 20,000 pixels wide. I was too impatient to get out the tripod, but I did much better than I did in my previous attempts. Unfortunately, I don't know how to present the photo so you can see it wider than 1024 pixels... even clicking on it and looking at the "large" version, you will only see something that is like 1/25 or so of the final photo and it is hard to see the details of the town.

The photos of the individual islands are panoramic crops of single frames taken from the Perast side of the bay.

Perast - Montenegro

Our Lady of the Rocks and Island of Saint George

Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela) - Perast, Montenegro

Island of Saint George (Ostrvo Sveti Đorđe) - Perast, Montenegro

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