Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mirogoj Cemetery - Zagreb, Croatia

The city cemetery in Zagreb (Gradska Groblja, Zagreb), Mirogoj is possibly the most fascinating and peaceful cemetery I've ever visited...and I've visited a lot of them! It is basically an outdoor sculpture garden. It was a cold (for late May) gloomy and misty late afternoon, but the birds were singing their hearts out. Outside of the birds, it was extremely quiet. I took over 100 photos and I barely saw 10% of the cemetery.

The Vine Covered Arcades - Mirogoj, Zagreb

Angel - Mirogoj, Zagreb

The Miletić Tomb, Rudolf Valdec's Angel of Death - Mirogoj, Zagreb

"Mourning" The Matko Family Grave - Mirogoj, Zagreb


Aquana said...

nice pictures

Aquana said...

nice pictures

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Thanks, I'm glad you like them.