Sunday, April 05, 2009

The 2009 Sarajevo Walk For Life - Šetnja za Život

Like last year. it turned out to be a beautiful morning to walk from Skenderija around Baščaršija to raise awareness for breast cancer and raise funds for a preventative equipment in Avon's "Walk for Life" or Šetnja za Život in Bosnian. It looked like they had over 2000 participants including a bunch of teams from the various embassies, schools and organizations around town.

Shelby organized a group from her QSI School and even attempted to bring the dogs along. Maya tried to climbed to the top of my head because she was in fear of getting trampled. Balloons popping freaked Sophie out and as her tail made it to her nose through her legs, Shelby ran them home to "safety" just before the actual start.

Signs Around Town - Šetnja za Život

Shelby, "Z" & Sophie Panics as Another Balloon Pops

The Contingent from the U.S.Embassy - Šetnja za Život

The Start - Skenderija, Sarajevo

This Year A Military Band Led the Whole Way

Every 1/2 Kilometer Was Marked...with a Waterboy!

Making Our Way Past Pigeon Square

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