Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sarajeska Pivara

Sarajevska Pivara - Sarajevo

I went on a tour of the Sarajevska Pivara (Sarajevo Brewery) today. It was interesting since they weren't in production right now, so all the bottling lines were idle and the various tanks used in the stages of brewing were empty. The tanks, the automation, the whole process fascinates is the combination all all that a kid gone mad with legos and tinker toys, with chemistry and cooking...

It is one of, if not the smallest brewery I've toured...well not smaller than a couple brew pubs. Certainly far smaller than the last brewery I toured, Gallo's brewery in Guatamala City. Although I wouldn't be considered a big beer drinker, I do continue to collect beer cans in my travels...

Afterward, Elesa joined up with me and a number of the "tourists" who stayed and had lunch in the attached restaurant "Pivnica". It is one of the largest restaurants in town, the food is good, the atmosphere is nice (if you can get beyond the smoking especially at night) and the old photos of Sarajevo on the walls are fascinating. Plus, they have "Tamno Pivo" their dark beer on tap. They don't bottle or can it, so the one place you can have Sarajevsko Tamno Pivo is at the Pivnica.

Bottling Machinery at Rest - Sarajevska Pivara, Sarajevo

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