Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Red Bugs...

Last week I went back and took more photos of the red bugs. The first shot I posted from a few weeks before was actually a pretty severe crop as the rest of the photo wasn't in great focus and the glare off the bugs was fairly distracting. The other shots suffered the same now you know.

It seems the bugs are called "red bugs". aka Cotton Stainer, Firebug, and Pyrrhocorid Bug. This time I used a tripod, used a polarizer to take some of the glare off of their backs, increased the f-stop to get better depth of field and also tried the to line up the shots so that the field of view was in the same as the plane of focus. Even still, in a couple of shots the bugs are moving too fast and are a bit blurry.

Red Bugs - Veliki Park, Sarajevo

Red Bugs - Veliki Park, Sarajevo

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