Saturday, September 06, 2008

Samokov Monastery

Metoh - Maiden's Monastery or Convent...shroud or veil, it gets pretty confusing and what it is called will depend on the translation. The Bulgarian Monastery web site's page for Samokov is HERE. where they call it “The Shroud of God’s Mother” but it you search on Samokov, you will find other names. Whatever it is called, there was this cute little old orthodox nun that just talked up a storm with some of the people I was with.

This first photo was taken through a sheer curtain, the little room and her little garden were too small to hold us all.

Orthodox Nun - Samokov Monastery, Bulgaria

She was very proud of her garden (and rightfully so)

Orthodox Nun - Samokov Monastery

Their grounds were beautiful, flowers, vegetable gardens, grapes, benches, just a peaceful place. The church was pretty neat too.

Flowers - Samokov Monastery

Flowers - Samokov Monastery

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