Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rijeka Miljacka

flows through the heart of Sarajevo and is sometimes referred to as "Sarajevo's River"....here are a couple of pretty photos as a prelude to what comes later :(

Reflections in the Miljacka - Sarajevo

Roses on the Walls of the Miljacka - Sarajevo

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out In The Country

Before the breathin' air is gone
Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime

Walking around out in Kakrinje while Shelby was horseback riding (a panoramic view of Kakrinje taken a little over a month ago can be seen here), I took a few shots. It was a beautiful day and one of my favorite Three Dog Night songs came to mind. "Out in the Country"

Here goes my first "political" rant is quite a while. As anyone who has been outside the U.S/Canada, western Europe, Japan and Singapore is sure to know, the pollution and trash in other countries is overwhelming. Travel a bit and it quickly becomes apparent that labeling the U.S. as one of the world's biggest polluters is just politically inspired B.S. I've been to some single cities that I'd swear pollute more in terms of dumping raw sewage into the world's water supply then the entire U.S, Canada, and western Europe combined. Today the gross haze of dirty diesel and sulfur laden coal over Sarajevo was not apparent. and that was much appreciated. Someday I'll take pictures of the river that runs through Sarajevo, to show another side of it../end rant

Haystacks - Kakrinje, Bosnia

Cherries - Kakrinje, Bosnia

Wildflowers - Kakrinje, Bosnia

View From the Golf Course

The evening of Carl's graduation. Two years in a row the weather was almost exactly the same.

In the foreground is Sarajevo's Bare Cemetery (Sarajevsko groblje Bare). Also known as the Gradsko Groblje (City Cemetery), it is larger than many of the nearby neighborhoods. At the top, Hum with its radio tower and in the far distance on the left, Bjelašnica with some remnants of snow.

Bare Cemetery and Hum - Sarajevo

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Busy With Visitors

but taking lots of photos as we go around seeing things...

Flowers - Šibenik, Croatia