Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Wooden Church in Dobříkov

DOBŘÍKOV - Dřevěný kostelík z Podkarpatské Rusi

This small 17th century church was "rescued" from the Ukraine, and moved log by log to the little village of Dobříkov, not far from Choceň in 1930 or so. The interior is very dark, (well actually the exterior is too :) but everywhere you look is yet another iconic depiction of a saint or two. There isn't a whole lot on the internet that I could find about this village and church, beyond what is here and here. We stopped by and checked it out a little closer and one of the local women let us in and gave us a little tour. We'd originally visited back in 1995 I believe when we went through the area and my parents stayed at a small bed and breakfast a few hundred yards away. I probably have slides of it somewhere.

The Crucifixion - Dobříkov, Czech Republic

Saints - Dobříkov, Czech Republic

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