Monday, April 07, 2008

Kutná Hora, Part 2 - Sedlec Ossuary, aka "The Bone Church"

After walking around the Church of St Barbara we made our way outside of town over to the "Bone Church" - Sedlec Ossuary. We first visited it back in about 1994 or 1995...before tourists had discovered Kutná Hora, Bouda, Zámek Žleby and all the other little towns and treasures of the Czech Republic. This time there were tour buses! Even when I knew what to expect, having been there and all, it was still incredible to see. A church not merely decorated with bones...but a chandelier of bones, columns of bones, stacks and stacks of bones...human bones. I think it was one of Carl and Shelby's favorite stops on our trip. They were too young to remember our earlier visits to Czech. You can also read and see more at the wikipedia link. Here are a few photos from our visit this time.

Just Another Stack of Bones - Sedlec Ossuary near Kutná Hora

Schwarzenberg Coat-of-Arms - Sedlec Ossuary near Kutná Hora

Shelby Photographs The Chandelier - Sedlec Ossuary near Kutná Hora

The Perfect Halloween Punchbowl - Sedlec Ossuary near Kutná Hora

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