Monday, February 04, 2008

Road Trip!

We took a quick "road trip" up to Munich on Friday and we were back in time to see the Super Bowl (about 12 midnight our time) on Sunday. The weather was great, the German food was great, the air was short we remembered why we liked living there so much. So I now have another 200+ photos to go through.

Saturday we went to Königsplatz where we went through the Glyptothek and the Classical Art Museum across the way which was running a feature on the myths of Troy. We stayed right at Karlsplatz, the walking area, and walked the couple blocks to Marienplatz and then on to Hofbräuhaus for dinner on Saturday night. Sunday we went through Nymphenburg Palace before making the 11 hour or so drive back home.

At some point, you'll get to see a selection of photos from the Munich portion of the trip, but in the meantime. here is a photo I took on the drive home Sunday. It's a castle, Burg Hohenwerfen, that grabs your attention as you drive the A10 autobahn between Salzburg and Villach.

Burg Hohenwerfen with the Austrian Alps

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