Saturday, February 09, 2008


While driving up Münchener Straße on the way from Rosenheim to Munich, just a bit north of Bad Aibling you will see a little twin steepled church on the right hand side, a few hundred yards down a side road. The little sign says "Weihenlinden". The village basically consists of the church, a gasthaus, and a few farmhouses. It is so small, it is a suburb of Högling (pop. ~180). Although not much at a glance, the church, Wallfahrtskirche Weihenlinden, is really worth a little bit of time. On the outside, down each side, long alcoves contain colorful painted murals depicting miracles that occurred in the surrounding area. Battles miraculously won, the injured healed, the drowning saved, the blind made to see...heaps of miracles illustrated and annotated (auf deutsch). The inside of the church is ornate, with paintings on the ceiling, fancy pulpits and a dark alcove designed to resemble the crypt of Christ. Here are a few photos, the first one is a scan of of slide I took back in 1996. The others are from last weekend's trip.

Dawn - Wallfahrtskirche Weihenlinden

The Miracles at Wallfahrtskirche Weihenlinden

Ceiling Painting - Wallfahrtskirche Weihenlinden


TeamDandy said...

I can't imagine what that looks like in person. Your description and photos are intriguing.

Jeff said...

Thanks. It really doesn't look like is not until you go inside the alcoves, and then into the church that you realize that there is a pearl in this here oyster :)