Friday, February 22, 2008


I thought of these photos from our cruise last summer for a few reasons...they are examples of when I could have used my new lens if I had it at the time (shot at 24mm, could have used wider), they are on the list of images I never really processed (where it says "cruise - ship") that sits next to my computer keyboard, I happened to be thinking about cruises and last, they were in the folder I happened to click on when I opened ACR-Bridge to look for a photo for this blog.

Our next cruise will be just the two of us for our 25th, hopefully an Alaskan cruise on CruiseWest. The CruiseWest ship will be far smaller than this Carnival monster, Fantasy.. These are two different views of the "Grand Spectrum".

Glass Elevators in the Grand Spectrum - Carnival Funship Fantasy

Grand Spectrum Piano Bar - Carnival Funship Fantasy

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