Saturday, August 25, 2007

Slot Canyons

This is a photo I took over at year ago during the Santa Fe Workshop I attended. It was taken at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument I was going though some old photos, sort of wondering what is going to happen to them all and I picked this one out to birth into a cyber-life. I started thinking about the fact that if my computer and all my drives are destroyed, the photos are gone too...except for the ones I've put out on the web or in emails. Also, if I get hit by a bus, who wants to wander through all my photo files? It is not quite the same as digging through a dusty old box of fading family photos great-granddad Jeff took back in the early 2000's when digital cameras were first invented.

With the advent of google, cached internet pages, links and copies etc. pretty much anything published on the internet is likely to stick around a long time. I guess more so if a site is particularly popular (which mine is not). Sudden fame could come along I suppose. Because I Said So recently found this out, and now her prose is probably immortalized at least until Internet v87.02 comes along sometime in the next century. If sudden fame were to fall upon me, it would be great, as long as I didn't say, or photograph something I'll regret 100yrs later :) I may have blogged a few stupid things, and some of my photos I won't like all that much at some point down the road, but in the meantime, at least some of them are out there. And now this one is out there, lost among the "about 42,200" google image results for "slot canyon"

Slot Canyon - Tent Rocks, New Mexico


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