Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dog Show

There was a dog show in town, a big one with international competition. Elesa and I got to discussing how all the various extra-curricular things/hobbies people get involved in (usually with their children) have their own culture. It is especially noticeable with those that have competitions and big events. Judo, ice skating, Little League Baseball, dog shows, gymnastics etc. To an outsider, much of the proceedings make no sense, outsiders don't see the differences so "obvious" to those in the know. By the time I got to the show and joined up with Elesa and Shelby, it was to the part where they are judging between bests of breeds to determine the best of the groups and eventually best of show. All the %&(^ had gone home as one lady put it. Since I know nothing about dog shows, instead of photographing the competition parts, I took photos of the dogs "hanging out" and waiting their turn. So I guess this was like trying to take photos of ugly competitors at a beauty pageant...

This is a GOOD Hair Day

A Little Bit of Tongue!

I'm So Pretty

Things are Looking Up!

Best of Show - Shelby and Maya

Maya managed to draw a fair amount of attention even here among the "big dogs". She also certainly accounted for almost all of the cultural diversity among the doggies, singlehandedly representing more bloodlines than the other 100+ dogs combined!

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