Monday, April 30, 2007

The Power of Peace

This photo borders on illustration. It is a merge of two different HDR interpretations of the same three photographs. I used one interpretation to make the human form of the sculpture "glow". The second interpretation I used for everything else in the frame to even out the tones in the bright sun and add some "richness". I then combined the two images using layer masks in CS2. Last, I did some serious perspective adjustment to straighten it all out. I really should have taken the photos with the 24mm Tilt/Shift lens that I don't have :) And very last, you rarely ever see this sculpture looking anything like this anyway...I felt like I waited forEVER for the pigeons to get off of his head! I've heard, but can't confirm that this is some sort of "peace" sculpture (hence the title).

Sculpture on Liberation Square (Trg Oslobodenja)

Along Ferhadija - Sarajevo

Saborna Crkva, Largest Orthodox Church in Sarajevo in the Background

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