Sunday, April 08, 2007

Black and White

I always liked black and white darkroom work. I think it is an art in and of itself, in many ways separate from photography. I never really liked color darkroom work. It was too much like work to get the color balance correct. Photoshop sort of gives me the feeling in color that darkroom gave me for black and white. But I've not really done much in Photoshop with black and white...I miss the magic and aura of putting that piece of paper in various liquids and watching a photograph magically appear...and then get to see if my dodging and burning and whatever other voodoo I tried actually gave me the effect I was aiming for. Photoshop results are more immediate with easy and fast "retries". All this leads me to...someone had suggested one of my gravestone photos would look nice in black and white. I really think the photo he referred to looks better in color. It got me to thinking though, I and thought this one

looks pretty good in black and white.

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