Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm not much of a "people" photographer. Beyond the family shots, I rarely take photos of people. In general, I actively try NOT to include people in the picture when it comes to travel and landscapes. I do like taking "portraits" if you will, of sculptures and statues. I think some of the reasons are:
  • they don't move and their expression doesn't change, so I know what I will be getting

  • I can move around, change my angle without worrying about the pose changing

  • they won't be upset if the photo ends up being less than flattering

  • generally, they are already in a classic pose

  • I can go back and do it over, they'll still look the same, same hair, same clothes etc

Here is one I took recently in a small garden/park behind an office building about a block away from us. I ended up cropping a fair amount to get it close to the composition that I decided I wanted (after the fact). So now at some point, I'll return and re-shoot with the composition I've now determined I want :)

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