Friday, March 02, 2007

The First of a Few

Image number 0001 on my digital camera was taken 12 April 2006. It is now almost 11 months later and yesterday I took image number 3632...the equivalent of 101 rolls of slide film. At $10 per roll counting processing, that would have been over $1000. I didn't really "save" that much money though...I have 4 memory cards at a cost of $540+. I'm set for a while longer there, but digital photography has not been cheap. Or I guess to be more accurate....I have not done digital photography cheaply...I'm going to post a random sampling of some of the photos taken along the way that haven't made it to the blog up to this point. I hope you enjoy them.

Krka National Park, Croatia (Image 1638 taken 8 Oct 2006)

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