Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm sort of at a loss for a title. I've been wanting to take photos with HDR in mind of this abandoned helicopter for quite a while. Today was another unseasonably warm and sunny day, so I walked over late this afternoon and took a series of photos. To get there from our apartment, I walked through an area of the city which is still devastated from the war. I passed by a couple blocks of burnt out, bombed out buildings, some with portions people have made "livable" with cloths hanging out to dry. It is all a grim reminder of how destructive and long lasting the effects of war can be. So I'm left without a clever title...

Bosnian Helicopter


Another gentle reminder, all the photos on my blog look best when clicked on for a larger view.

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Seesaw said...

These are cool shots!You have lot of beautiful photos on your blog!