Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm sort of at a loss for a title. I've been wanting to take photos with HDR in mind of this abandoned helicopter for quite a while. Today was another unseasonably warm and sunny day, so I walked over late this afternoon and took a series of photos. To get there from our apartment, I walked through an area of the city which is still devastated from the war. I passed by a couple blocks of burnt out, bombed out buildings, some with portions people have made "livable" with cloths hanging out to dry. It is all a grim reminder of how destructive and long lasting the effects of war can be. So I'm left without a clever title...

Bosnian Helicopter


Another gentle reminder, all the photos on my blog look best when clicked on for a larger view.

War is Cool...

Among the many scars that remain in Sarajevo even 10 years after the war, is an abandoned, graffiti covered helicopter. I'm told it was the entirety of the Bosniak Air Force at the time. Some of graffiti suggests that many of the scars that remain are more than just physical.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shelby Does Stuff Too...

She didn't get any snowboard/skiing recognition, but besides starting with a local judo club this past week, she has also been taking riding lessons since we've been here.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Photographic Truth

I went snowboarding for my very first time with Ryan and Carl today. I went down the whole mountain one time after a little bit of practice on a tiny hill at the bottom of the slope. It seems to me to be a pretty big mountain, Sarajevo’s Mt. Bjelasnica. I think the chair lift is like a 15 minute or so ride. It seemed a little longer, since I'm not keen on heights. These first five photos are complements of Shelby and Carl who had the sense to grab my camera as I came down the last 1/4 of the mountain or so. I'm in blue and on my might notice Ryan, in red and on his butt in every photo :) There is NO alteration of these photos in photoshop...this is the way it was...

According to spectators and eye-witnesses such as Shelby, Carl and Elesa, the reality was more like this:

Jeff on back

...apparently I spent most of an hour this way, because that is how long it took me to get down the mountain, Ryan spent most of that time sitting down watching.

Ryan on the go

And of course my posed photo opportunity!