Sunday, January 21, 2007

Right Time, Wrong Place

Here is what the sunset looked like Saturday night. This photo is a jpeg straight out of my camera with no help from photoshop. I have my camera purposely set to keep the colors a little muted and less saturated compared to typical digital cameras and film. So it may be hard to believe, but the oranges and reds were actually more intense than displayed in this picture. A photo I took of Ryan with his camera made it look like he was standing in the middle of an inferno.

Unfortunately, from our balcony, deck or whatever you call it, there was nothing interesting for a silhouette or foreground. I couldn't pass up the intense color though. So it certainly was the right time for a great sunset photo, but our apartment was probably the wrong place :(

Too bad I wasn't a couple miles away, at the east end of the city looking here!

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