Monday, February 28, 2005

The Terry Fox Run

Today was the Terry Fox Run here in Guatemala
city. The route was Las Americas, with the
starting point right at the end by our house,
at the "pope". This is one of the many statues
and "plazas" which adorn the park-like middle
of the boulevard. Next to the pope is the large
cross I photographed a while back and is posted

I did the 5 km portion as a walk, and with
my camera. It was amazing, the crowd was quite
large, well into the thousands. They normally
close one direction of Las Americas on Sunday,
but for this event, the entire boulevard was
closed, and for a much longer period of time.
The event was non-competitive, so there was quite
a range, young, old, on crutches, on skateboards,
on scooters and bikes. Even a large number of
dogs participated, along with local mascots from
various businesses...Pollo Campero for instance.
I have some pictures which will get posted after
two things happen...I get the slides developed
and I get my scanner doesn't seem to
want to scan slides right now, so it is going in
for repair under warranty (that's my "bummer"
news of the week).


Dianne said...

I can't wait to see the photos from your walk! I've recently learned to appreciate photos of people as much as (or maybe more than) photos of nature, textures, etc. Interesting switch in my view.

Jeff said...

I still don't like pictures of people per se ... that is why most of what I took was the big mascots (sure to scare Kevin), crowds, and some well as a statue that I always wanted to photograph early in the morning, but was always too lazy to get up that early :) For people, I do like candid portraits, but I feel strange taking shots of strangers, and I'm also finding that my new lens 24-70 2.8L is too short for the type of candids I like ... can't wait to get the 70-200 2.8L IS