Friday, February 25, 2005

My Entry for PhotoFriday's Weekly Challenge

This week's theme is "ghostly"...
I like cemeteries, they are one of my favorite
subjects for photography. There is a story
behind the picture above. I was living in
Germany (they have beautiful cemeteries) and
I frequently walked late at night. While I was
walking past a local cemetery, I noticed the
candles glowing, the snow stamped down from
all the visitors, and it was approaching midnight
with a full moon. I rushed home, got my camera,
tripod and my oldest son (about 10 at the time).
It was cold, perhaps about 20 degrees F, and I
would warm one battery up in my pants, while I
was using another for the shot. I did a number of
long exposures, measured in minutes. I don't
recall this particular exposure

When I got the slides back, I wished I had thought
to have myself or my son, or both of us, walk
through the frame...ghosts. I plan on doing that
type of shot someday when I find the perfect setting.

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