Monday, February 14, 2005

Back to the present...

I think I mentioned I shot about 30 rolls of film in
December and January. 20 Sensia 100 and 10 Reala if
anyone is interested. I'm sort of in conflict on the
Reala. It gives good greens, especially in overcast
or misty conditions, but with my scanner (Minolta
DiMage Scan Elite 5400), I find Reala more difficult
to scan than the Sensia. It is getting easier as I
get more practice, and it probably has better dynamic
range and more latitude than slide film. None the
less, my latest film order did not include Reala. I
stuck with the Sensia 100 and also decided to try
Provia 400 for those times when I feel the need for
speed... like chasing the elusive Quetzal.
* see 19 Jan entry, which was done is grey conditions
with Reala and a slow zoom. (70-300 4.0-5.6 Canon)
Above are a few more shots from the Coban area, all
shot with Reala, in the rain and with a tripod...

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