Thursday, September 09, 2004


catching up, originally typed this up 9/3

We just passed the 20 year mark on our marriage. I'm not sure
which of us should be nominated for sainthood. To last 20 years
at anything, much less living side by side with someone requires
a lot of work and compromise. We've learned to accommodate,
change, ignore, pick our fights (as in is this something to worth
going down in flames over).etc.

Some of the things that didn't meet the my threshold over the
years... (I'm sure Elesa has an extensive list of her own, because
despite my public personna, I'm not perfect)...
squeezing the toothpaste in the middle...
not emptying the car of stuff when she gets out...
half drank drinks left around...

Other habits we changed in the spirit of love, (its easier of course
to remember the habits I've changed, but I will give Elesa her due),
Some that have changed:
toilet seat...DOWN (me)
toilet seat...down quietly (Elesa)
if the gas tank is empty, get gas (Elesa)
if you can't sleep, don't ask if I'm sleeping (I was) (Elesa)

Somethings remain a stalemate, quietly accepted by each,
basically the rule is, if you want the other person to do it fine,
but if you want it done "your way" do it yourself.
trimming bushes is a good example,
(but now we have a gardener)

Now to the reason behind all this blog...we both like ice...
I like lots of ice in my drinks and so does the whole family,
Elesa included.
One of those "irritants" of married life...Elesa used to steal
the ice out of the trays, and horror of horrors, would fail to
refill the tray. Sometime in the neighborhood of our 15th year
together, Elesa changed that habit, perhaps because I
was frequently gone for extended periods of time on business
and if she didn't make ice, she had none. Then we bought a
new house, which came with a refridgerator/freezer with an
automatic ice maker...

Now we have moved again. I think we have an automatic ice
maker, but its not hooked up, the tap water is not potable.
We've reverted to the trays....and Elesa has reverted....
to stealing the ice!

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Dianne said...

Shame on Elesa! Ice used from the trays instead of the bucket and not refilled is a huge (I can't even call it a "pet") peeve of mine. I'm with you on this one! :-)

On a more encouraging note... Happy Anniversary! I'm proud of you both and your marriage. Here's to many more happy anniversaries!