Thursday, August 05, 2004

our cities, our borders

I was listening to the radio driving around this evening and
heard the complaints about closing streets, checking cars
in our nation's capital due to the latest terrorism threats.
I know they have a point...why would we
try to control streets and access, in cities across the entire
country, yet make no effort to control our country's borders?
It has got to be cheaper and easier in the long run to stop the the border, as opposed to wait until they get in
position and then be forced to fight a war on our own turf.

If we are not willing to control the borders of our country,
will the U.S. remain a viable country in the the long run?
I don't think so.
For centuries, wars have been fought (and are being fought
today!) between countries trying to keep the integrity of their
borders. History has not been kind to countries that left their
borders unsecured, and even today other countries know that.
It is time our border are secured and we fight for the territorial
integrity of the United States of America.

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