Wednesday, August 04, 2004

blogger hell

I didn't know what to say...too much to spit out.
Then I was saved! It took me an hour to log in.
Blogger wouldn't acknowledge my password. I had to
"recover" my password, wait for the email. It sends
me a link to click on...I do...the computer freezes up
compliments of Microcrap. I get on another computer,
now the link won't work, it can only be clicked on once.
I reset again. It keeps sending me back to the login
page. The only thing that saves me from frustration
with it all...I didn't know what to say anyway. Mysteriously,
I get a third email with a link....I don't remember asking
a third time. I click, it works, maybe because I now have
something to say.

After a tough week ( week is over, I'm moving tomorrow)
its far too much work to assemble something that is eloquent
(and not boring!) yet relaxed enough for a blog. As Anonymous
said earlier, it is a challenge to write anything, blog or book,
that doesn't induce yawns. I'd also like it to read as if it was
effortless to write (its not).

Last thought for myself, who is my audience? Do I blog for myself? To
some imaginary perfect world of audience? To "the choir" or to
the heathens? A tirade on taxes may stir some to a froth (count me
in that crowd) while inducing coma to most others. You can't
please all the people, and you can't fool all the people, because the
bottom line is; you can't reach all the people.

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