Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Osprey Returns

Took my sanity sun again today at Patuxent Research Refuge to check on the Ospreys' which I figured had a nest in the area. It seems I am correct. There was an Osprey tending a nest on one of the platforms out over the lake. I saw another Osprey in the distant trees that I'm assuming was the male, and I did snap a not so great picture of him. When I first arrived, the Osprey on the nest ran a short recon flight, probably to check me out. I desperately tried to follow her in flight and focus as I shot. Between the focusing and the panning, I was unimpressed with the results. Learning from that, and my previous experience during The Battle of Cash Lake, the second time the Osprey went out on a recon flight, I pre-focused on the nest and awaited her return. I grabbed these shots as she landed.

Osprey Approaches Nest

Touch Down

Settling In

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